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Retained Search

Our retained search offering is catered to clients who require the distinct personal service and direct accountability of our partners or directors. It is also the most effective way to create a tangible and enduring business impact during the hiring process for our clients.

  1. Initial client meeting to outline search parameters such as role requirements, timelines, mission, organizational strategy, and understanding of the corporate culture
  2. Deeper client analysis to identify key objectives and opportunities for the new executive, as well as define a candidate profile that fits into the corporate culture and organizational structure
  3. Market analysis and creation of a candidate specification which contains detailed information of the role, responsibilities, qualifications, and key propositions presented by the executive job
  4. Search plan is the stage which outlines all the avenues that would be developed in order to gain access to top talent in the marketplace, including identification of key companies to be researched for executive talent
  5. Name generation and candidate identification represents the process of creating an industry-wide map of talent and long-list of potential candidates, including the use of extensive candidate databases, social media, and variety of networks
  6. Approach, qualify and interviewing to create a short list of about 10potential candidates. This shortlist is achieved through in-depth personal interviews by our partners or directors to discuss specifics of the executive job, and explore the candidates’ background, competencies, and interest in the role
  7. Present short list to the client while providing ourown interview notes of each candidate. Narrow down to 5 potential senior executive candidates for interviews, and begin basic background and qualification checks
  8. Offer and negotiation – After a series of interviews and consideration of external references, the client will select their preferred candidate and the process of employment terms & conditions negotiation will commence. We act as a mediator in this process to ensure both parties’ needs are being met.
  9. Onboarding and integration – Assist with the onboarding of the successful candidate into the workplace. Maintain regular contact with the hiring client and senior executive to ensure a smooth integration and long term satisfaction for both parties.